First Post – Hello!

My name is Meredith! I’m a twenty-something runner, snowmobiler, graphic designer, crafter and lover of all things adventurous!

This blog is a journal of my experiences in running, snowmobiling, fitness and life as we know it. I hope to learn more about myself, share funny things, learn from others and maybe teach someone a thing or two. Life brings a lot of opportunities. We learn and grow from it and it changes us – what we do with those opportunities and changes is up to us!

Running On Snowflakes - My First Half Marathon

My journey in snowmobiling and running both began around the same time – 2012-2013. Those journeys have taught me things I never knew about myself – I am strong, I am driven, there is nothing my ambition and my courage can’t conquer.

Running On Snowflakes - A Girl's Journey With Snowmobiling and Running

Stay tuned and follow along with me in a recap of the past years and stories of my future adventures!

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