Motivation Monday – Feeling Good In Your Own Skin

Hello! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and what my personal goals are.

On Sunday I attended a wedding shower for good friends of ours. Aside from having a great time hanging out with the bride and groom, it was a big step for me in my personal goals. I wore a dress – that I never would have worn 50 lbs ago.

Running On Snowflakes - Monday Motivation

(I got the dress on StitchFix and it was a total win!)

Wearing clothes like this – and feeling like a million bucks in them – was my motivation all along. Half way through the shower I noticed that I wasn’t pulling and tugging at the dress. I wasn’t sucking my gut in and held my head high when we were asked to take pictures.

When the pictures were printed out I was pleasantly surprised that I loved the way I looked; as opposed to asking for the picture to be retaken or wishing it could be deleted forever.

This is the new me and I’m not turning back any time soon!

Question – What motivates you? Clothes? Family? Health?

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