Winter Wednesday – Waiting For Winter

There are 116 days til Winter 2015-2016! It seems like I’m always waiting for winter since I started snowmobiling.

(Speaking of waiting on winter, how cool is this Arctic Cat Poster?!)

I guess I’ve always loved winter… and I have the frostbitten fingers to prove it. There’s just something about the cool crisp air and the snowflakes in your hair. The world seems to stand still and everything sparkles!

As a little girl, I remember being outside for hours on end building forts, snowmen, snow pizzas, sledding, snowball fights – you name it! As soon as my dad would let me operate the snowblower, I was there ready and willing. Sometimes though, I found myself grabbing the shovel over using the snowblower… more time out in the snow and better exercise!

My first time on a snowmobile was with my aunt/godmother through the cornfields of southcentral Wisconsin. Picture a toe-headed little girl bundled up in her snowsuit sitting between her Aunt’s legs on an old snowmobile with a smile from ear to ear – THAT’D BE ME!

Now fast-forward a couple decades to the winter of 2012-2013 and picture a girl on a borrowed Yamaha doing circles in a wide open snowy area of Gile, WI while her boyfriend and his father watched. “Good,” they said “now let’s get out on the trail. We’ll go slow.” And off we went, Ross behind me and Alan in front. I was hooked and there was no going back.

Running On Snowflakes - Winter Wednesday

My first time on a snowmobile as an adult. What got my love for everything winter started!

Lots of things have changed since my first time. I’ve rented and ridden a few different snowmobiles and finally bought my own. Snow conditions change, your riding gear changes, your confidence/knowledge grows and the winter comes and goes. But one thing always remains the same… when you love winter like I do you can’t wait for the snow to fly! I’ll keep the countdown going – much to the dismay of my family and friends!

Question – Are you waiting for winter? What’s your favorite winter activity?

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