Training Tuesday – 15k Training Check-In

Week 3 of my Hot Chocolate 15k training started Sunday – which was supposed to be a rest day after my long run on Saturday, which didn’t happen due to Hay Days… but I promise I made up for it. Sunday instead turned into 6.32mi of walking around the vendors and 14,676 steps even with driving home for 6 hours!

Running On Snowflakes – HayDaysSundaySteps

Week 1 and Week 2 of my training went pretty well. I crossed off every day with my big black marker on my calendar at work. Over the top of Saturday and Sunday for Hay Days I wrote “lots of walking” and that was a total understatement.

Here’s a breakdown of what my Week 3 looks like:

Sunday – Rest – turned into lots of walking
Monday – Stretch and Strength (Arms/Core)
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 35 minutes of cross training
Thursday – 2 miles and Strength (Legs)
Friday – 30 minutes of cross training
Saturday – 4 miles

Monday I did Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 4 Arms and Core with my friend Wendy at work. We both struggled through it, but it was totally worth the ab soreness I’m feeling today. The thing I like about the Bikini Body Guide is that you can pick and choose the workout you want to do and what level you want to push yourself to by going a few weeks ahead in the guide or you can follow it week by week, day by day and build up. It’s challenging but GOOD challenging! Here’s a look at what Week 4 Arms and Core put us up to.

Running On Snowflakes – BBGWeek4ArmsAbs

Today I did 3 miles outside on the path at work and man was it hot. 76 and 50% humidity my butt! I went out thinking it was going to be beautiful, well it was for the first couple hundred feet. As I was coming in from outside (at what I thought was mile 2) to do another mile on the treadmill… I noticed my m400 GPS didn’t start for the first .25ish mile so I had less to do on the dreadmill than I though. SMALL VICTORIES!

I’m enjoying the laid back pace of this training schedule – Hal Higdon calls this type of training Stepback training because your long runs vary in length each weekend, progressing then regressing and so on. This is new for me… but I like it. Sort of tricks your brain into thinking you’ve done more each week than you really have. The true test will be at week 12…

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Hay Days recap and lots of photos!

Until then, I’m still over here waiting for the snow to fly. 96 days and counting.


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