Winter Wednesday – 110 Day Countdown to Winter!

Guess what?! There’s only 110 days til winter and 9 days until the unofficial start to winter. You might be asking… what do you mean 9 days, I’m not done with summer yet?

I mean HAY DAYS!!!!

Hay Days is the largest grass-drag and snowmobile/ATVs event. Nestled in North Branch, MN is a snowmobiler’s paradise – an entire weekend of snowmobiling, snowmobiling and more snowmobiling… oh and maybe some ATVs.

This year will be my first time ever going to Hay Days so I’m hoping it won’t disappoint.

Things I’m looking forward to seeing/doing:

  1. Maybe meeting John Dee? and Tucker Hibbert? and Brett Turcotte?
  2. Hopefully meeting Julie-Ann Champman from She Shreds Canada!
  3. Checking out new gear at Diva’s Snow Gear and Arctic Cat
  4. New snowmobiles from all the manufacturers
  5. The grass-drags of course!
  6. Tandem rider snowmobile backflip
  7. Hanging out in the swaps with my cousin and boyfriend
  8. Sightseeing around North Branch
  9. Camping and roughing it for the weekend

I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures and report back after the weekend is over, until then… my countdown is on!

Running On Snowflakes - Winter Is Coming

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