Training Tuesday – Two Weeks Out!

Hey guys! Long time no write. Ever have one of those times that just flies by and the next thing you know you’re like “oh crap! where did the last 3 weeks go?!” That’s sort of how life has been for me lately.

Since I wrote last, life has been a whirl wind of craziness… and I have vowed to never leave you hanging (without notice) again. 🙂 I enjoy blogging, I enjoy writing and someday I hope I have a bunch of readers that enjoy reading!

The 10th of October my boyfriend and I were in a wedding. it was a wonderful day for the bride and groom.The theme was a wine/beer theme for a bride and groom that brew beer together for fun. Alan was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. It was a great time getting my hair done and getting all dressed up. We looked pretty presentable if I do say so myself. The flowers and the boutonnieres had preserved hops in them all the way from Oregon – they turned out great!

Running On Snowflakes - Hoppy Wedding

I was supposed to run 6 miles on the day of the wedding but ended up skipping it and didn’t feel like doing it on Sunday so it just didn’t get done.

Saturday 10/17 was a very busy day of handing out cute little boot coozies and drawstring bags for Divas Snow Gear at the Snowmobile USA – Wisconsin. I got to hang out with the owner Wendy and her husband Travis and meet their National Sales Manager Travis Mayne. All three of them were super awesome – they showed me a little bit of the ropes for tradeshows and let me at it. It was so funny seeing the reactions on people’s faces when a total stranger walked up to them and asked if they wanted a bag. Some asked “what’s the catch?”, other people said “for free?”, but mostly I got “yes please! I LOVE those bags!” And as soon as I handed them a coozie or grabbed their drink and put it in a coozie most of the reactions were “oh, my, gosh, that is the cutest thing ever” or “that’s friggin sweet!”

Running On Snowflakes - Snow Show 2015I left my primary post a few times to go to the other vendors selling DSG and when I got back there was a line of people (mostly women) waiting to get their hands on a coozie or a bag. You can check out what the coozies looked like up-close-and-personal by visiting my post about Hay Days 2015. Handing out free stuff is a pretty easy job when you’re dealing with such nice people and I even got a couple guys that came up and asked for a free bag from “the hot chick with a pretty smile” so that made my day! 🙂

I got to meet pro rider Nate Titus from Yamaha and Fly Racing – which was pretty awesome! At the end of the day, my feet were killing me and I had close to 14,000 steps just from walking around the expo hall.

Back to running and training, which is what most of my life lately has consisted of since I’m 2 weeks out from the Hot Chocolate 15k! I did 4 miles on Sunday 10/18 and it was a pretty great run – I felt terrific.

Tuesday 10/20 I came home from work and ran 5 miles in the rain. I haven’t been very good at getting up early in the morning, because my nice warm bed is much more appealing. Thus, I have to deal with the weather and the getting dark early part of running after work. Anyway! I have to honestly say that running in the rain might be my favorite time to run just behind running in the snow! There’s something about the cool drops hitting your skin and the fresh rain smell that keeps you movin and groovin a little easier! The run took me 57 minutes and by the time I got home, it was pouring… running in the pouring rain, not as much fun as when it’s just sprinkling. I was glad it was over.

I had a 3 miler on Thursday 10/22 and this past Sunday I did 7 miles, which is the most I’ve ran since my Half Marathon in May. I felt wonderful. I had a spring in my step, my legs felt great, the day was clear and sunny and everything just clicked. I was reminded why I trained for the Half Marathon and how much I enjoyed that training! The nice fall day and the beautiful fall colors sure helped though.

Running On Snowflakes - Fall Running 2015

Tonight I had another 5 mile run… only the weather was quite blustery and not as rainy and wonderful as last Tuesday night. However, the run was still enjoyable and I shaved off a little bit of time from last Tuesday. I completed 5.25 miles in 56min. I saw a huge owl in a tree, that was pretty sweet! I just wish I would have taken the picture a millisecond sooner.

Running On Snowflakes - Seen on my Run

Saturday I have to do my final long run before the race and taper week. I’ll be doing 8 miles in the forest preserve and I’m pretty stoked! Let’s hope the weather is beautiful for my run and for all the kiddos on Halloween.

Until then… run hard, run happy and run on snowflakes!



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