All I Want for Thanksgiving is Snow

Snow is coming! Winter is coming! There are 32 days until the official start of winter. Guys, that’s almost less than a month – so exciting. My birthday is next week and sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving so I think I’m allowed to wish for snow for my birthday, right? The forecast was looking pretty bleak and with all this talk about El Niño a girl can get a little down in the snowbanks about weather.

Today however, I looked at a few different websites for weather for hunting this weekend and snow is in the forecast for Wisconsin! I quickly jumped over to John Dee to confirm and he had good news for me. Looks like we might get quite a bit of snow in Wisconsin this weekend and with a little hope it might stick around! Maybe?

This past weekend I got a taste of the white stuff when we went up north to get the sleds ready for winter. As we drove north the temperature on the truck dropped.I love love love when the snow sticks to the trees and it was like that for about an hour before we got to our destination. The snow piles grew and my happiness grew along with them. There I was in my work clothes – capris and ballet flats. Sure, I brought appropriate clothes with me… but it wasn’t until I stepped out of the truck into the crunchy white snow that my body remembered what cold was. I shivered, grabbed my clothes and bounded into the house to change.

Running On Snowflakes - First Snowfall

I couldn’t contain my excitement… or my shivering.

We woke up the next morning and got the sleds out to work on them… but of course, we had to rip through the fresh pow first! I was so excited to take Chester (because he’s a Firecat and he’s Cheeto orange) for a spin around the farm.

Running on Snowflakes - Chester

Running on Snowflakes - Chester

After we rode around for a little bit, we did some shoveling and some moving things around for Alan’s parents to get ready for winter. Am I crazy or what? I love shoveling! It’s awesome exercise and fun to be out in the snow.

Running on Snowflakes - Shoveling

Then we got down to the nitty gritty work – hyfax and grease. I had a hell of a time with my hyfax. Getting them out was perfectly fine, but it’s always getting the new ones in that gives major problems. Chester is temperamental, and all I wanted to do was put on my bright purple hyfax in peace. haha! We used a little oil to make them go on easier which helped on the right side of the sled but the left side was a different story. When we started tapping the left side on the plastic split about 4 inches down, so we pulled it off tried to mend it and tried again. It got past the original split and started splitting again about an inch later. ARGH! After a few harsh words and some steam coming out my ears along with a little heartache that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the hyfax switch due to having to go out and buy a new strip… Alan’s dad suggested flipping the “ruined” one around and drilling a hole in the end for the bolt. Like a glove! We went slow but it went on, with much relief.

Running on Snowflakes - Chester

After that, we greased all the pivot points on my sled and Alan’s – something I find oddly fun – and I tried to replace my handlebar grips because mine were the originals and badly worn… keyword here is TRIED. The grips I bought for $6 at the Hay Days swaps were too short – DANG!

Running On Snowflakes

After the hard work it took to get the previous grips off… it was pretty disappointing that I couldn’t replace them. I guess they always say “measure twice, cut once” which in my case would be “measure before you replace.” I was able to find some ODI Snow Ruffian grips that got good reviews and they come in bright orange – SCORE! I ordered them on eBay for real cheap and they arrived in a day because the vendor lives like 20 minutes away… good thing I got free shipping. I plan on replacing the grips next time we go up so here’s to hoping that the ODI grips fit!

I stripped off my Michigan tag from 2014 and replaced it with the new Wisconsin Trail Pass, pulled off a couple decals and put on a couple stickers.

Running On Snowflakes - Chester

As the afternoon warmed and the tracks we made in the snow earlier that day started to show grass, I slid Chester into the barn with the custom-made stand from my dad, put the cover on and said “bye for now.” I’m already looking forward to next time we head up to get Chester all set and as usual, I’m just waiting on winter.

That’s all for now… I’m headed a different direction this weekend – sporting the same shade of orange – for deer hunting with my dad! Update on that to come.

Running On Snowflakes - With Love and Snowflakes

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