Monday Motivation – Just Keep Running

Hey everyone! Hope your Halloween was awesome, welcome to November! In case you were wondering… November is my favorite month – and no it has nothing to do with it being my birthday month. It has everything to do with the cool weather, the crisp leaves, sweaters and all things fall. Everyone seems to relax a little and things seem to slow down from the crazy days of summer. Plus, its awesome running weather!

Yesterday, my running buddy Katie and I ran our final long run before the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend. We met up at the forest preserve near our houses and did our 8 miles on the trails in the woods. It was a nice easy run for me and I felt great. I wasn’t worrying about time, I was just worrying about having a good time. It was nice to run with someone and have company… made the miles go by so quickly!

Katie is PRing every mile she adds so I think it’s a great experience for her… much like it how it was for me when I was training for my half marathon last spring. Every mile brought something new, every mile was a milestone. I enjoyed testing myself and pushed myself knowing I was making progress with every step.

While we were running I did my best to keep talking to Katie to keep her mind off the miles. I gave her pointers here and there, rattled off jokes to make her laugh, spouted off little “mantras” that I say to myself to keep myself going and she came up with a few herself. One of them being:

Running On Snowflakes - Just Keep Running

Just keep running!

A very wise man once said that distance running is no more than “putting one foot in front of the other as fast as you can for as long as you can” and that is exactly what I intend on doing. I plan to “just keep running” and to love every moment.

Katie and I had a great time on our 8 miler and I’m looking forward to our 15k together next Sunday.

Running On Snowflakes - 8 Miler

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