Winter Workout Wednesday – That Sled Isn’t Going to Ride Itself

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by Winter Workout Wednesday because I neglected to post this yesterday! Enjoy 🙂

Your sled is nothing without you there to ride it! It doesn’t navigate itself through the backcountry, whip itself around on the trails, pull itself off the trailer (for those of us with no reverse) or get itself unstuck in pow-pow that’s a little bit too deep!

The secret ingredient to the whole equation is YOU!

Running On Snowflakes - Winter Workout

Well how about both!

There are 40 days until Winter! It is officially almost here… the hottest days of summer behind us and the cool air settling in for the most part, it’s the perfect time to start getting your body ready for the toll that snowmobiling can take on it. After all, you’re an athlete! You may not be a pro rider that rides year round and can travel to find the snow to ride. You may not have a personal trainer or a gym membership to stay in shape, but you’d be surprised how fit you can get from the comfort of your own home or just by hitting the pavement or playground nearby.

Playground? Yep – Playground!

I love using running as cardio to keep my endurance up and lifting to build muscle tone and strength. I have these Bodylastics resistance bands at home – super cheap on Amazon. They also have an awesome bank of exercises with resistance bands on their website. They were a recommendation from a friend and they were the best workout purchase I’ve made thus far. I am fortunate enough to also have access to a gym at work and can do my workouts there. If running isn’t your thing, that’s cool, just get out and move – walk, ride your bike, do some HIIT workouts! Fitness Blender is one of my top websites for HIIT workouts – they’re free – but you can find HIIT workouts all over the place. Pinterest, Google, Youtube… you name it.

If you don’t have access to a weights or a gym and don’t want to spend money on resistance bands, you can use water! How? Well… do you drink milk or some other beverage that comes in gallon capacity? Good! Drink it, then fill it up with water – that right there is about 8 pounds! BAM! If you need more weight for your workout you could use bigger containers with handles or you could throw some sand in the milk jugs with or without the water and adjust accordingly.

You might ask, what sweet moves should I do to get ready for whipping my sled around Meredith? Well here are 16 of my upper body favorites straight from‘s BodySpace – which is an awesome resource for workout tips and guides! They show Male and Female models and you can break the search down by muscle group and available equipment. All of these can be done with milk jugs, resistance bands or weights if you have them.

Let the burn commence! You can do 3 sets of each circuit with between 10-15 reps each… by the time you get to your last rep of each exercise, you should feel like you can’t do anymore. It’s your choice whether you do all 16 exercises in one sitting or mix it up.

— 4 Moves for a Rockin’ Back —
Bent Over Row
// Middle Back – With Bands or With Weights (concentrate on feeling your shoulder blades flex)
Superman // Low Back – No Equipment Required
Upright Row // Upper Back – With Bands or With Weights
Shrugs // Upper Back – With Weights or With Bands (stretched tight under feet)

— 4 Moves for Great Arms —
Bicep Curl
// Biceps – With Weights or With Bands (stretched under feet palms up)
Alternating Hammer Curls // Biceps – With Weights or With Bands (stretched under feet thumbs up)
Upright Tricep Extension // Triceps – With Weights
Bent Over Tricep Extension // Triceps – With Weights

— 4 Moves for a Strong Chest and Shoulders —
Plyo Pushups 
// Chest – No Equipment Needed (can be done on an incline using a stable surface)
Chest Flyes // Chest – With Weights or With Bands (stretched behind your back while laying down)
Squat to Press // Shoulders & Legs – With Weights or With Bands (I threw in some lower body, me = guilty #sorrynotsorry)
Front Raise to Side Raise // Shoulders – With Weights or With Bands (alternate one exercise then the other with smooth transitions)

— 4 Moves for a Solid Core —
Side Bridge to Oblique Crunch 
// Obliques – No Equipment Required (alternate one exercise then the other with smooth transitions. When you lower from bridge do a oblique crunch)
Standard Plank // Abdominals – No Equipment Required (can be done from knees or with arms extended to make it easier. Think about keeping your belly button pulled toward your spine.)
Air Bikes // Abdominals – No Equipment Required (keep your back pressed to the floor and belly button pulled toward your spine.)
Russian Twist // Abdominals – With or Without Weights (the farther off the floor you bring your legs the harder it gets. Concentrate on keeping your legs still and twisting your upper half.)

Feel the burn baby! Get your inner athlete on and build your temple strong.

Question – What is your favorite way to get your body ready for winter?

Running On Snowflakes - With Love and Snowflakes







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