Week 1 and Green Thumb Weekend Recap

Week 1 finished off with a 4 mile run on Saturday morning. My schedule last week was all over the place but one thing was for sure, the weather was hot and the garden needed to get planted.

Here’s a recap for Week 1 of Paavo Half Marathon training:
Monday – 2.5 miles
Tuesday – 30min cross train
Wednesday – Stretch/Roll/Strength
Thursday – didn’t run the 3 miles like I was supposed to 🙁
Friday – 3 miles at lunch, it was hot and sweaty and made going back to work really hard
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – rest day


I think one of my biggest problems for not running is not getting up early and doing my runs. When I was training for the Wisconsin Half last year, I would just get up and run. I looked forward to it. How do I get that back? I need a less comfy bed! hah! But in all reality, I just need to get up and get it done so it’s not miserable at lunch or after work.

My 4 miler went well on Saturday morning. I walked out the door at 8am and it was already getting warm – it’s finally summer in Wisconsin! There was a nice cool breeze that made the humidity more bearable. I’m going to have to get used to this whole running in the summer thing. Any suggestions?

After my run, we “ran” all over the place getting last minute stuff for our garden and rain barrels. In the afternoon we walked a few blocks to one of Alan’s friend’s Housewarming Party. Their house is so cute! It’s older and has so much charm – and they added to it with all kinds of Pinterest-inspired crafts – pallets and paint and Mod-podge oh my! I can’t wait to have a house to fill with crafts and a yard to fill with a garden and pallet furniture. Our condo is nice, but not having a yard and a garage and space to work makes it tough to be inspired and be creative. It’s really hard to feel like a homeowner when you aren’t getting the full experience of having control over the whole home. My Pinterest will just have to wait a few years! It poured most of Saturday night – in fact, we walked home from the Housewarming Party in the pouring rain… sorta nice 🙂

Sunday we were supposed to be in the garden all day but it was a muddy mucky mess so we ended up relaxing and going to Hippie Tom’s Serendipity Farm for their annual Spring Sale. It was our first time there, after hearing really good things about the vintage stuff and the old cool trinkets, but honestly it was just a lot of overpriced junk. Not sure I would go back unless I had more expendable income or needed something very specific.

So Monday, Monday was our day. I was supposed to run 3 miles… but trust me, I got enough activity to serve the job well. We went over to Alan’s parents – where our garden lives – really early with our lunch and beverages packed knowing we needed to spend the entire day there in the garden. Last year we had a 6×6′ and we thought it was huge! Our words to each other, “I hope we can handle this, it might be too big to take care of!”


2015 Garden

Turns out, when you got the plants in it… it was pretty tiny. We had the fence right up against the garden. It was a pain in the butt when the grass grew up in to the chicken wire and if we wanted to harvest or weed anything we had to reach over the chicken wire or take the fence completely down. It was made from chicken wire and snow marker poles. Flimsy, floppy and wobbly – not to mention the fiberglass poles splintered and got in your hands when trying to work with them.

So this year, we’ve upgraded to a 12×12′ garden and added a nicer, more sturdy fence! We also made a 3′ walking area around the garden so we can work and move around – and we made it wide enough to get a mower in, which will be nice! We didn’t have enough bricks to make a full path, but we put the path where it counts. Once the plants start to get bigger we will get some trellises for the beans, cantaloupe and cucumber! It took us the entire day to finish everything – getting the 4×4 boards all lined up and packed in was the biggest job, I think. We didn’t head home until 8pm… and man were we tired.

2016-05-30 20.25.37

We planted Italian Striped Zucchini, Henderson Lima Beans, Top Crop Bush Beans, Chocolate Beauty Peppers, Wisconsin SMR Cucumber and German Giant Radishes from MIGardener. Luke and his wife run MIGardener – they have a store, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel – all three are very helpful for newbie gardeners and hydroponic growers. We are growing a Coral Bell Pepper hydroponically and he’s growing like crazy! I bought some lettuce seeds to grow on our patio as well, excited to see how they turn out.

Also in the garden not from MIGardener: cherry tomatoes, wax beans, green beans, carrots, red hatch chili peppers, big Jim hatch chili peppers, orange bell pepper, jalapeños and cantaloupe!

2016-05-30 20.25.47

Next thing to build is our water barrel platform and put the water barrels together!

I’m really excited for this garden… maybe I’ll make watering the garden in the morning my motivation for getting up and doing my runs! Hmmmm?

Until next time!

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