Medals and Motivation

What motivates you? Lately I’ve been having a hard time with motivation. In running and in life. Last night I finally got around to putting up the medal holder that Alan’s parents made for me for Christmas. We had a guideline to try and do homemade gifts – they claim I was hard to make something for but I think they hit it out of the park!

Medal Holder

How cool is this thing guys? The clipboard bracket organizes the bibs really nicely and the rod gives me plenty of room and MOTIVATION to fill it up! They printed out the word Strength, cut the board, figured out how to make a bar and put it all together. The board was painted and distressed and everything. It fits my personality perfectly – a little grungy but still pretty contemporary. Strength is what I always use for my inspiration and motivation in running and in life. My mom always quoted Christopher Robin to me “You’re Braver than you Believe and Stronger than you Seem!” and my mantra when running is “Fast Feet, Strong Mind” or sometimes “Fast Feet, Strong Legs” when my legs are punking out on me! hah. The snowflake above was made by Alan’s sister-in-law. Pretty fitting next to each other, I think, considering I run on snowflakes 🙂

I originally didn’t put it up in the bedroom at the condo because 1.) I didn’t think it was appropriate to be up in a bedroom and wanted to wait until we have a house where I have an office or a rec room and 2.) I had a lack of motivation for running in general. But last night I got a bug up my you know what and hung it up. I figure, it’s an awesome gift and maybe putting it smack dab in our bedroom will give me motivation to run in the morning.

While I was putting everything on it last night I realized that a.) I have a lot of space to fill up and b.) my first race ever and first medal ever – on the left in the pic above – was Warrior Dash in 2012… CRAZY. That was long before I lost my 50lbs, right after I met Alan, and right after I had just graduated college. How time flies! So much has happened since then and there are quite a few bibs between that one and my most recent Hot Chocolate 15k last November in Chicago.

I just checked the Facebook page for the Paavo Nurmi and found out that the finisher medals are pretty sweet. Check it out!


Not sure if the Half Marathon medals will look the same or not, but I think that would look pretty sweet hanging next to my other medals!

Speaking of using medals as motivation for getting up and running in the morning… I did a 3 miler this morning and that medal rack was all I could see, only it was filled! I may be starting from square one, but at least I get to enjoy the journey of strength and discovery all over again. 🙂

So what motivates you?

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  1. Laurie

    We chose the word “Strength” for your present because it was the most fitting. Your strength is motivation for the rest of us.

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