Half Marathon Training: Week 10 Recap – More Motivation Please

This was Week 10 of Paavo Nurmi Half Marathon training. I have two weeks left ladies and gents, can I get a little motivation? I’m going into Week 11 with an open mind, open heart and a fire in my belly. I’m determined to do my training right this week. I want to feel good going into taper week and I gotta do something to pull myself out of this slump that started last week.

Week 10 Recap:

Sunday 7/24 – Ran 10.55 miles out of 10. Did a long, hilly, and cool loop. I was out the door by 6:15am. It sprinkled a little which felt nice. I got bit by horse flies running through the marsh area on the way back which didn’t feel nice. Stupid horse flies! I had a Clif Shot 15min before my run and at mile 4 and mile 7. Ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter before and drank some orange Spark. The run was great until the last mile when I ran out of water. I was able to flag down a group of ladies going to play tennis and one of them was nice enough to give me some G2 – blue flavor is awesome! I walked more than expected but I made sure I ran all the hills and only slowed down to catch my breath.

Monday 7/25 – Cross training day. Did some upper body and abs at lunch.

Tuesday 7/26 – Track Tuesday. 4.27 miles out of 5. Ran the straights of the track and walked the corners. Also did some bleacher work – high knees up the first stair case, jog down to the second stair case, high knees down, jog to the first stair case… repeat with all four stair cases then sprint back to the start. Ran the entire mile to the track and the mile back home. Felt great!

Running on Snowflakes - Half Marathon Training Week 10

Wednesday 7/27 – Didn’t do anything, if I told you why, it would just be a bunch of excuses. SMH. I grocery shopped after work.

Thursday 7/28 – Didn’t do anything. again, excuses for why I didn’t get up in the morning and run and I had an appointment that ran late in the evening.

Friday 7/29 – Ran 2 miles at lunch and did some stretching/foam rolling. Ate fish fry perch for dinner with mashed potatoes and french onion soup, drank two beers with dinner. Probably not the greatest carb loading meal for my awful run (see below) on Saturday morning.

Saturday 7/30 –  Ran 9.62 miles out of 11. It was awful. I struggled. I wasn’t mentally in it. I took a different route – on a less hilly road with a TON of traffic and ended up having to run on uneven gravel shoulder for about a mile and a half… TERRIBLE IDEA. Mile 8, 3 miles from finishing, I called my mom crying – I tried to “channel” my grandma for some inspiration. She passed away two years ago… so naturally that attempt for inspiration ended in me realizing how much I really miss her being around and bawling my eyes out for half a mile on the phone with my mom. That sh*tshow was preceded by me crying and hyperventilating on the side of the road by myself. It took me as long to do that pathetic 9.62 miles as it did to run 10.55 miles on Sunday. I threw in the towel, went home and the boyfriend forced me to take a bath and relax. I took a nap and chalked it up to experience, bad fueling Friday night, and potentially Aunt Flow coming in the next week. Better now than the week of the Half I suppose.

I felt defeated and disappointed in myself. After some encouraging words (and pretty flowers) from the boyfriend, a couple notes from friends on Facebook and a text from my mom I began feeling better.

text from mom

I know I don’t always have to be so strong mom… but I’ve done this before and have no excuse not to be strong. But I guess that’s one thing I’m not great at – being weak. I’ll admit it.


Quote of the week: “A hard truth in life is that nothing works until we do. Action is the only thing that can get you out of a slump. Action is the ultimate antidote to worry, fear, and procrastination.”

What went great: my 10.55 mile long run last Sunday

What didn’t go so hot: my 9.62 mile long run on Saturday

What I need to do to improve: Stop making excuses and act, do the training plan I’ve chosen, foam roll and stretch more, run with my heart and my head instead of running just to run and letting my body rule. I also need to admit to weakness and procrastination – bottom line, I need to act.


Looking forward to Week 11 starting today.

Monday – Cross Training – walking with mom and doing some upper body and abs
Tuesday – 5 miles & Track Tuesday
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 5 miles
Friday – Cross Training. Travel day, I’d like to get a little exercise in somewhere, even if I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn.
Saturday – Rest Day. Have vacation/kayaking/hiking scheduled so it will be an active rest day.
Sunday – Long Run. Will be on vacation so I’ll do as much as possible just to keep my endurance up. I’ll have a running buddy, which will hopefully make it easier!

Running On Snowflakes - With Love and Snowflakes


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  1. Laurie

    Whether you cross the finish line or only make it a mile, we’ll be there to cheer you on and be mighty proud of you! And remember to look up and enjoy the run. You’ll be in the prettiest place WI has to offer!

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